These 4 ways to make people like You

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Feeling isolated? Maybe you should change yourself in order to be liked. and as it turns out, being a person who preferred it’s actually easier than we think.

There is a lot of research about the traits and behavior-behavior that makes people preferred. And you can do it discreetly Change Your much better personal and fun.

1. Hold Warm Objects

A 2008 study published in the journal Science menengarai that physical warmth associated with perceptions of interpersonal warmth (interpersonal).

In the small study, as many as 41 students were asked to hold a hot cup of coffee or a cup of iced coffee.

Then all participants read a description of a person’s personality and hypotheses about assessing personality was based on several characteristics, including warmth.

Proven, the participants who held the hot coffee that individual rate higher for the warmth than participants who had the iced coffee, although they all gave similar assessments for other traits.

According to the authors of the papers, “experience with the physical temperature itself affects to the impression and prososial behavior towards others, without the awareness of the people will be influence-the influence of that.”

2. Talk In high pitch

Technically, maybe we could do a tip on this one to succeed. But, it turns out that this is not solely about what we say, it’s how we say it.

2014 in a paper published in the journal PLos ONE, terungkaplah that the men and women who spoke in a higher tone is seen more liked and trusted.

There are 320 participants in Scotland who were asked to listen to 64 people speak Scots to say “hello”, then the participants were asked to judge the speakers for other traits as well.

The researchers observed the existence of a relationship between high tones of the speaker and the values that he has reached.

Michael Woodward explains his findings through Psychology Today, “Although his judgement may not be such an accurate, but it looks inconsistent.”

3. Style Clothing

In a small study published in the journal 2011 European Journal of Personality revealed that people who are extroverted and self-centered considered preferred.

As many as 73 first-level students in Germany who did not know each other alternately introduce themselves to the group.

Introduction only lasts for a few seconds, and all participants to evaluate it according to some things, for example, “do you think, how disukaikah is this guy?”

The researchers dig deeper to understand why they are Extrovert and people centered on yourself is considered preferable.

As it turns out, one of the reasons the two groups considered to be preferred is because they “have a more stylish appearance.”

4. Confidence and Energy

Illustration of people are confident. (Source Pexels)
The same study found that with the above it also depends on the person’s preferred “body movement speed and energy of participants” and “self confidence motions that body.”

Note however that “the authenticity of the contents” in the introductions by participants also plays a role, but the nonverbal signs may be more meaningful than we thought.

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