How To Make Fried Rice

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Fried rice is indeed is one of the fastest options or alternatives that could be done by a housewife when the rush was about to cook anything for his family. Not only forhousewives, cheap food was served quickly and it may be a easy choice for young boarders or for those who don’t have enough money and want to cook myself.


Specialty Society Indonesia kala breakfast did not require special skills or a long time to cook. Not only at breakfast, fried rice can also be served at dinner. As we know,an awful lot of street vendors selling fried rice at night.

Much of the fried rice variations, as well as how to make a seasoning of rice gorengnya. The variation you encounter at this time due to materials used depends on the local community. In Indonesia itself there are variations of common fried rice plain fried rice, fried rice, fried rice, and many more. Additional menu which is served on any variety of fried rice. There are served with fried egg, or fried rice wrapped with egg omelet. There is also served with sausage and meatballs. Fried rice can be cooked to your taste.


How to make a homemade fried rice


600 gr rice


Chicken meat finely chopped 125 g.


1 grain eggs. Shake


Onion 5 cloves


3 cloves garlic


Red pepper 3 pieces


1 stalk green onion. Finely sliced


Sweet soy sauce 2 tbsp


Salt 1 tsp


¼ TSP pepper




How to make a


Stir in the onion, garlicand red pepper into a pestle and then puree.


Fry the eggs be scrambled then set aside.


Marinade that has been mashed and then sauteed in oil to taste. Continue to stir-fryuntil aromatic.


Enter the chopped chicken, eggand scallions into the seasoning. Saute until evenly distributed.


Add soy sauce, saltand pepper. Mix until blended.


Then insert the rice and mix well.


Fried rice was so and serve on a serving plate.


Easy way of practicing how to make fried rice at the top? May be useful.

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